Polly Wanna Dolla: Our Indiegogo Campaign

Wow, can you believe it? After formulating this business idea in January, filing the business documentation in April, we're launching our first crowdfunding campaign through INDIEGOGO. Yay for language learning!

Our campaign goal is $250k and here's the breakdown:

Our S.M.A.R.T. Language Goals:

Polly Languages believes in setting SMART goals (Tehehe, get it?)

Our main focus is creating a product that is absolutely right for you, whoever you are! We want native/fluent speakers or PLEXperts (Polly Language Experts) to feel like they're making an impact in their community while also having a positive impact on their wallet. We want our language learners (Chatters) to feel like they've struck language learning gold.

Aside from our monetary goals, our platform goals include creating an environment that is structured yet fluid; informative yet fun; easy to use; reliable; transparent all to ensure your experience is the best.

That's why RESEARCH is so vital to our mission. Not only do we want to know the demographics of your city, we want to know the cultural practices, what cuisine is most popular, which community centers to partner with, the psychology of language learning, which artists make an impact all because we want to design an environment that fosters all the best elements of community learning.

We'll also cover the 'S,' 'M,' 'A,' and 'T' of our SMART goals, but we wanted to cover research first.

S - is for software. Our Indiegogo campaign goal is primarily dedicated to our software. We are designing our platform and app to be intuitive to use. Learning a new language can be frustrating as is, we don't want you frustrated at why the tiny red button at the top wasn't linked to the homepage.

We're also integrating features that solve urgent pain points when using in-person platforms, such as, "Wow, no one except me and the barista showed up to this German coffee meet-up."

M- is for marketing. Because our platform isn’t based on AI language learning algorithms, we NEED people like you to make it come to life. The goal is to launch in 50+ countries in the next five years. You don’t need to speak seven languages or have your own language tutoring business to join. We want everyday people willing to be a part of their community.

A- is for administration. A silent killer of many start-ups is poor organization. Launching a new business is glamorous. Flipping through pages of legal documentation is not. However, we understand how vital all these functions are to our business. They might not be very interesting, but we want to let you know that we keep our ‘i’s’ dotted and our ’t’s’ crossed.

T- is for testing & translation. Testing and translation go hand-in-hand for Polly Languages because we want to prove our product works and then replicate it across numerous languages. Translation also helps us bring in communities that may have been more isolated in the past due to language barriers.

How we will help you learn a new language:

When combined across the board, Polly Languages has the vision, concept, and planning to create a new movement around language learning. We’re getting rid of the little excuses not to learn a second or third language. With your help, we can foster in language learning that's impactful, integrated, fun, and novel.

So, will you chat with us?

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