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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Party planning is NOT my specialty. Making well-detailed lists and timeframes of what type of napkins I need to buy and what color decorations match is not my idea of a good time. Despite my loathing of event planning, I decided to throw our first ever World Holiday Party.

There was something about the idea of all these unique people with different backgrounds and languages coming together under the same roof to share their traditions, stories, and holiday spirit that made me go forth with the party planning. In my mind, the holidays are for opening our hearts to the amazing world around us, and seeing the humanity in each and every person.

Sappy? I know, but that was my reasoning, and I stuck to it.

We sent out invites to community organizations to ICCNA (International Cross-Cultural Network of Aurora), the Co-op @ 1st, Alliance de Francais, and several other language meetups in the Denver metro area.

It's always hard to gauge RSVP's because although it means répondez s'il vous plaît, some folks don't. Either way, we had a great turn out with almost 30 people throughout the night.

I know I'm a little biased, but it was a very beautiful site to be a part of that night.

Our catering was done by the amazing Food Bridge Denver organization, which is a catering incubator for immigrant chefs to startup their new catering business here in Denver. With the help of their founder, Marin Toscano, we had a delicious spread of Mexican American scratch-made meals.

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