Party on Roof

Polly Languages is here to connect you with real people in your community for authentic language learning experiences. We want you to be immersed in conversation, culture, and language

Are you a Spanish teacher who loves to cook? 

A Swahili coach who plays the drums?

A Mandarin tutor who teaches philosophy? 

We're looking for language instructors with various skill sets to create an immersive learning experience through language and culture. 




Say goodbye to the days of googling, "How to find Korean speakers near me?" Or practicing phrases like, "Yo soy una pantera. Yo come pescado." on your phone. Polly is ushering in a new age of language acquisition. We think it takes a village to learn a language, so that's what we're building.


Polly Languages is a subscription-based language sharing platform to connect native speakers with language learners in the community. Native speakers get paid for hosting casual conversational classes with language groups. Language learners gain real-world experience by being able to have casual conversations with an engaging speaker in authentic environments. 

We're not a tutoring service. We're in the business of establishing real conversations and real connections to experience the true magic of language learning. 

Get in Touch to hear about our launch date and the events coming to your community!


"It’s important to realize that you get good at speaking by speaking- not by waiting until you’re ready"

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